Developmental Anatomy

Stage 20: Lab Manual - Horizon 20 (CC#8157)

First view First view

  • Length 21 - 23 mm.
  • Arms have increased in length and become slightly bent at the elbows.
  • The hands with their short, stubby fingers are still far apart but they are curling slightly over the heart region and approach the lateral margins of the nose.
  • There is a delicate fringelike vascular plexus which appears in the superficial tissue of the head.
  • In the temporofrontal region there is a growth center which arches over the eye, and in the occipital region a second growth center above the ear.
  • The edge of the plexus is approximately halfway between the eye-ear level and the vertex of the head.
  • Ovulation age: 51- 53 days.

Stage 20: Animation


QUESTION: Where is the edge of the plexus located?