The Billings Microscope Collection

The Billings Microscope Collection
of the Medical Museum
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology

Colonel James L. Hansen, MC, U.S. Army
The Director, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology

Captain William A. Schrader, Jr., MC, U.S. Navy
Deputy Director

Colonel Wiliam R. Cowan, U.S. Air Force, MC
Deputy Director

Colonel Joshua E. Henderson, VC, U.S. Army
Curator, Medical Museum, AFIP

Oscar W. Richards, PH.D., HON. F.R.M.S., FBPA
Consultant on Microscopes to the Medical Museum, AFIP

Helen R. Purtle, F.R.M.S.
Technical Editor

John A. Ey, Jr.
Coordinating Editor

Second Edition
Published by Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
Washington, D.C. 20306
Reprinted 1987

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