National Medical Museum to Exhibit at National Science Teachers Association Conference in Baltimore

Washington, D.C.—November 1, 2010: The National Museum of Health and Medicine will be among more than 100 science-based organizations and agencies exhibiting at the 2010 National Science Teachers Association--Baltimore Area Conference on Science Education on November 11-13, 2010.

NMHM will offer an overview of its tours, discovery programs, and outreach activities. Visitors to the Museum's booth will get the opportunity to view plastinated human organs; participate in a bullet extraction demonstration with a Civil War-era medical kit; and create a biological profile using bone casts from the Museum's forensics workshop. The Museum will also feature information on its "Empathy Belly" Pregnancy Simulator program, which allows teenagers and adults to wear a weighted "garment" that enables males and females to temporarily experience more than 20 of the typical symptoms and effects of pregnancy.

Additionally, the booth will provide information on curriculum-related materials to tours/discovery programs. Teachers can learn about how they and their students can take part in Brain Awareness Week, an annual event at the Museum that features numerous hands-on activities designed to inspire a new generation of scientists interested in the brain and the field of neuroscience. Brain Awareness Week 2011— which will mark the 12th year for the event—will be held March 14-18. Teachers can also find out more about volunteer and internship opportunities at the Museum.

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