Military Ceremonies at the National Museum of Health and Medicine

Thank you for your interest in scheduling your ceremony at the National Museum of Health and Medicine. We can provide a unique space and experience for you and your guests. There is no charge for hosting your ceremony at the museum; however, we do have guidelines to provide the best possible experience during your event.

Ceremony Requirements:

  • No walk-in ceremonies are permitted. All ceremonies must be scheduled at least 4-6 weeks in advance.
  • Ceremonies can be scheduled only between 0900-1100 hours Monday-Friday and will be allotted 60 minutes. Set up may begin at 0800.
  • All ceremonies will be held in the Anatomy and Pathology Gallery. Other locations in the museum will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • No food or beverages are permitted on the premises. Bottled water is permitted in the lobby.
  • Ceremonies are limited to 50 people seated (no center aisle) and 75 people standing.
  • The museum will not arrange colors for ceremonies. NMHM will provide an American flag.
  • Music is prohibited in the museum galleries after 1000.

FAQ for Military Ceremonies at NMHM:

Is there a fee to have my ceremony at the museum? There is no charge to have your ceremony at the museum.

Can I have my ceremony outside? Outdoor ceremonies are considered on a case by case basis.

Where can I hold my ceremony within the museum? You may hold your ceremony in the Anatomy and Pathology gallery.

Does the museum provide chairs? Yes, chairs will be set up based on the number of attendees for the ceremony.

Does the museum provide a lectern? Yes, the museum will provide a lectern.

Does the museum provide a sound system? Yes, the museum can provide a microphone and speakers for the ceremony.

Does the museum have a CD player? No, the museum does not have a CD player available. Music is not permitted after 1000.

Does the museum offer photography of the event? Yes, the museum can provide a photographer for the event, based on availability. Please allow at least five days for post-processing of photography, and provide the museum with contact information for delivery of images.

Can photography be taken by guests during the event? Yes, but flash photography is prohibited.

Where do we find the colors? The museum does not have colors available for use and all color guards must be scheduled by an outside source for the ceremony. NMHM will provide an American flag.

How many people does the gallery hold for the ceremony? The Anatomy and Pathology gallery can accommodate 50 people seated (without an aisle) and 75 people standing. We cannot provide overflow for the ceremony. Other locations in the museum may be considered on a case by case basis.

Will the museum and galleries be open to the public during my ceremony? Yes, the museum will be open to the public, maintaining normal operating hours of 1000-1730 hrs.

Who sets up and/or breaks down the chairs, lectern and sound system? Museum staff is responsible for the set up and break down of all equipment for the ceremony.

I work on the Forest Glen Annex; can I have guests enter through the staff entrance? Yes, you may have guests enter via the museum staff entrance located on the Forest Glen Installation. A roster of attendees must be provided to the Tour Program Coordinator prior to the event for admittance via the staff entrance.

Can we have a rehearsal? Yes, all rehearsals must be pre-scheduled and must occur between 0800-1000 hours Monday-Friday.

Can my guests tour the museum after the ceremony? Certainly! Self-guided tours are always welcome. For groups of 10 or more, a guided experience may be possible with prior arrangement through the Tour Program Coordinator.

Is the museum wheelchair or handicap accessible? Yes, the museum is handicap accessible and wheelchairs can be checked out from the Front Desk.

NMHM's Anatomy Gallery View of the NMHM's Anatomy Gallery, where ceremonies scheduled to take place at NMHM can take place.


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