American Angels of Mercy: Dr. Anita Newcomb McGee's Pictorial Record of the Russo-Japanese War, 1904


Curators: Michael Rhode and J.T.H. Connor

Project manager: Michael Rhode

Curatorial assistance:

  • Frederic Sharf
  • Alan Hawk
  • Adrianne Noe
  • Tabitha Oglesby
  • Lenore Barbian
  • Emilia Ralston
  • Kelly Green
  • Cathy Hunter, National Geographic Society
  • Marcy Leverenz

Production credits:
Photographic reproduction:

  • Douglas Landry
  • Nikki Rajpal
  • Kenneth Vrtacnik
  • Bob Edwards

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  • Jeff Mitchell
  • Michael Simons
  • Maurice Young
  • Wendy Jackson
  • Larry Claiborne
  • J. Carey Crane
  • Alan Giese
  • Bill McLain
  • David W. Schupay
  • Venetia E. Valiga

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  • Steven Solomon
  • Rachel Coker
  • Adrianne Noe, Ph.D.,
    Director, National Museum of Health and Medicine

Dr. Anita McGee
American and Japanese Red Cross nurses attend a wounded Japanese soldier at the Military Reserve Hospital in Hiroshima, Japan in this photo taken by Herbert Ponting, a professional British photographer who contributed to Harper's Weekly.