Learn about the history of medicine, forensics and the human body through one of our exciting, educator-led experiences. NMHM asks that all groups schedule outreach programs at least 6 weeks in advance. For more information or to schedule an outreach program, call (301) 319-3312 or email USArmy.Detrick.MEDCOM-USAMRMC.List.Medical-Museum@health.mil.

Forensics Mystery Workshop

After an introduction to forensic identification, participants work in small groups to examine a set of bones and other evidence to determine the identity of an unknown person. This program is available as an educator-led workshop. A teacher's guide is available with activity suggestions, vocabulary, and a description of the program.

A Human Body Experience

Participants explore five major systems of the human body by interacting with plastinated human organs and bone casts.

Introduction to the Medical Museum

Participants will receive an in-depth overview of the NMHM's permanent exhibits and collections, including "Military Medicine: Challenges and Innovations," "Civil War Collections," "The Human Body: Anatomy and Pathology," and others.

Empathy BellyTM Pregnancy Simulation

A museum educator outfits one or two participants with The Empathy BellyTM to show how nine months of pregnancy impacts the human body. The Empathy BellyTM enables students to experience more than 20 of the typical symptoms and effects of pregnancy. This program is designed for teenagers. Parental consent is required.