NMHM offers a variety of tours and special programs designed to meet many of the badge requirements for both Boy and Girl Scouts. All of the tours include hands-on activities and a museum fun patch. NMHM asks that all groups schedule tours or programs at least four (4) weeks in advance with a required minimum of 10 individuals. For more information or to schedule a visit, call (301) 319-3312 or email

*When scheduling a visit for your scouts, please mention specific interests or topics related to the badge.

Girl Scouts

NMHM offers a variety of tour options for Girl Scouts to meet the requirements for the following badges.
Girl holding plastinated human heart.
Docent holding up a replica of a human cranium and pointing to the eye orbit.
My Best Self
Detective and Special Agent
Part of understanding your health is to understand human anatomy and what can go wrong. Brownies will learn about different organ systems through a hands-on guided experience with our Human Body Program.
Bridging Juniors (must be in 5th grade) and Cadettes can learn about the science behind human identification and forensic anthropology. Scouts can earn requirements that support the Detective and Special Agent badge by participating in the Forensics Workshop.
Girl Scouts practicing first-aid during Scout Day at NMHM.
Two docents assisting a student as she puts on the Empathy Belly Pregnancy Simulator vest.
First Aid
Women's Health
If you missed our Scout Day Program, older scouts can still meet some of the requirements for the First Aid badge by participating in the General tour or Introduction tour with the addition of Military Medicine Discovery Cart*. NMHM is designed to be a self-guided experience. Scouts can learn about innovations in military medicine and first aid through the museum exhibits and discovery sheets.
Through the Empathy Belly Pregnancy Simulator program, Senior scouts will learn about the challenges and innovations associated with women's health and pregnancy. This program requires signed parent permission forms for participation.

Cub and Boy Scouts

NMHM tours can be tailored to meet some of the requirements for the following merit badges. NMHM does not sign off on blue cards.
Boy looking at replica of a human mandible while completing a forensics worksheet.
Scouts collect first-aid supplies during Scout Day at NMHM.
Public Health, First Aid, Medicine and Adventures in Science
Discover the science behind the identification of human remains. Through a guided discovery, learn how to gather information from a set of bones to estimate age, sex, height, trauma, and develop a dental profile. Cub Scout Bears can request the Forensic Discovery cart* to learn about human identification and forensic science.
Through guided tours of the museum galleries and discovery carts* Boy Scouts and Cub Scout Webelos can learn about the history of medicine, first aid techniques and the military's investment in public health.
Docent with Human Identification (Forensics) Discovery Cart, showing real and replica human and animal skeletal remains.
Docent with Military Innovations Discover Cart, holding helmet and showing assorted military body armor.
Docent Human Body Discovery Cart showing plastinated human organs.
Enhance your museum experience by interacting with one of the Medical Museum's Discovery Carts! These carts provide an instructional and fun, interactive experience for scouts. Carts are dependent on guide availability. Call ahead to request a Discovery Cart: (301) 319-3312.
NMHM offers opportunities for scouts to experience unique hands-on activities related to specific merit badges. When registration is required, scouts may register as individuals or as groups. These special events are offered throughout the year.

Call (301) 319-3312 or email to learn more about these programs.
Venture Scouts Crew 27 volunteer teaching Scouts how to perform CPR during Scout Day at NMHM.
Veterinary Medicine
Scout Day
This three hour workshop covers most of the requirements for the Girl Scout Cadette Animal Helper badge and the Boy Scout Veterinary Medicine merit badge. This program is offered twice a year in February and November. Space is limited and reservations are required.
Join NMHM for a morning of specialized activities for both Boy and Girl Scouts. Scouts will visit activity stations focused on first aid badge requirements, including triage, outdoor injuries, medical response, first aid kits and emergency responders. Recommended for all ages. Supplies are limited to first come first served. Check out these tips for a successful Scout Day
Students holding a real human brain during NMHM's Brain Awareness Week.
Participant sketching a human heart preserved in a fluid filled container during NMHM's sketching program.
Brain Awareness Day
Sketching at the Medical Museum
Join NMHM, brain scientists, researchers, clinicians, and museum educators to enjoy interactive demonstrations and exhibits about the brain. Learn about prevention and treatment of traumatic brain injury, discover how your brain works and hold a REAL brain! This program will meet some of the First Aid merit badge and Webelo Aware and Care merit badge requirements. Recommended for all ages.
Join museum staff for an introduction to historic medical illustrations from the museum's Otis Historical Archives and try your hand at creating illustrations of specimens from the museum's collections. This program is offered twice a year and meets the Girl Scout drawing badge and some of the requirements for the Boy Scout Art merit badge.