Medical Museum Discovery Carts

Enhance your museum experience by interacting with one of the Medical Museum's Discovery Carts! These carts provide an instructional and fun, interactive experience for families and self-guided groups. Carts are dependent on guide availability. Call ahead to request a Discovery Cart: (301) 319-3312.

Human Body

Human Body:
Explore the wonders of the human body and its systems through a guided, hands-on experience. Participants may hold real, human plastinated organs. (All ages)

Human Identification (Forensics)

Human Identification (Forensics):
Discover the science behind the identification of human remains. Through a guided discovery, learn how to gather information from a set of bones to estimate age, sex, height, trauma, and develop a dental profile. (Ages 11+)

Military Innovations

Military Innovations:
During this guided cart activity, learn about several innovations in military medicine from World War I through today, including protective vests and helmets and hemorrhage control. Participants may hold and wear real body armor and helmets. (All ages)

Civil War Medicine

Civil War Medicine:
The Army Medical Museum (today's NMHM) was founded during the Civil War to research methods to better care for soldiers. Through a hands-on demonstration, participants will learn about Civil War-era medical technology and treatments. (Ages 9+)